Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm starting something big.

Hey! I'm so excited to be a part of this awesome craft blog! For my first post, I'm revealing something big I've started. I have been wanting to make a quiet book for my little girls for some time. I researched and looked at many examples online, made a plan for my own, and recently bought some materials to finally get started. Now, this is no small undertaking. Every blog I've read about quiet books states how time-consuming they are and that it is truly a labor of love to make. I have found that to be the case, as well. But, I am loving how it is turning out so far. So, here are my first two completed pages!

Under the Sea

I got the idea for this page from here.

All the animals are attached with velcro.

They can be rearranged however you want. Everything on the page is sewn down and everything on the animals (except the velcro) is held on with hot glue. It's much faster than hand-sewing.

The Barn

I also got the idea for this page from Homemade By Jill. Ok, I didn't JUST get the idea, I copied it exactly. Search her blog for the templates for the barn and animals. She is awesome!

The doors open up.

Cute finger puppet friends are inside!

I used fabric and felt for the barn, and felt (the cheap kind) for the animals. I painted the faces with fabric paint and used a combination of machine-sewing, hand-sewing and hot glue to hold everything together.

Now I only have 10 more pages to make!


Clair said...

oh my goodness! so adorable and creative! i can imagine it takes some time, but will be so worth it. love, love it.

Bowman Family said...

I love it. You are doing a great job and I can not wait to see the finished project.

Bowman Family said...

I really like the signature you picked.

Whitmire Family said...

Great idea for a blog. Love the quiet book, Ali! I can tell it is very time consuming. But it's something your children will have and enjoy for many years.