Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rainbow of Felt

I wanted to write a little more of what this blog means to me and why I wanted to start one. I have never considered myself very crafty but I have always wanted to be. Now the next part of this may sound rather silly but since I am turning 30 this year I feel like I need to start to challenge myself and go beyond my comfort zone. I thought what a better way then to put what I create out there for others to see. That is what this blog does for me. In a way it holds me accountable for the challenge that I am taking. I am grateful for the girls that participate on this blog with me and their support. I am looking forward to the many things that I will learn from each of them and the ideas shared. With that said here is something that I worked on yesterday.

A Rainbow of Felt. Can't wait to use it.

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