Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My mother saw a teacup clock in a magazine and wanted to make one. She started collecting teacups and before she knew it she had enough for herself and extras. I got to make one with her leftovers and hung it in my kitchen. I took a wooden round and drilled a hole in the center that would fit the clock mechanism. Then I covered it with flowered napkins a doily using decoupage. I used household goop to put the saucers on and then hot glue to attach the cups. I liked the teacups laying on the saucers so I could see the design on the cups, but the inspiration clock had the cups sitting upright on the saucers. The clock mechanism and hands were from the craft store. I had such fun making it, I did one for each of the kids bedrooms. Dallas and Riley have the Chess Clock, Ethan and Tyler have the Cars Clock, and Isaac has the Baby Clock (all various Pruitt Baby photos)!

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