Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Craft Night

Melony and I talked it over and have come up with what will be taking place for our March craft night. Of course everyone is welcome and you do not have to do what we plan on doing. Bring something else if you would like or just come and hang out.
We will be meeting at Melony's house again (thank you Melony) on the Tuesday March 23rd at 7pm. Our plan for the night is to work on Project Display Boards and we will be making some yummy homemade bread that only takes an hour,

This bread is AMAZING! I mean who doesn't love homemade bread from start to finish in one hour? Pantry Secrets is a company that uses liquid lecithin to replace oil in the bread and adds moistures and it also speeds up the rising process. It also has a longer shelf life and is much healthier. So, for our craft night we will make a few varieties of bread using this amazing product while we make our project display boards or other crafts. I will be ordering an extra bottle of the lecithin ($8)and saf instant yeast ($3.50). If you are interested in ordering some post a comment and and we can split the shipping.


Roseanne said...

My neighbor just showed me how to make the bread. It's sooooooo good! I think the lady lives in Pleasant Grove, the town next to me. I really need to get the recipe and buy that lecithin. That will be so fun! Wish I was there to join you :)

Melony & Todd Dame said...
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sarah elizabeth said...

i am really looking forward to this one!
do we know where to get all the materials? i really hope i am coming this month (fingers crossed) but i have to wait for our work schedules to come out.