Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Organizer!

A friend had told me about the "birthday organizer" idea a while back but I couldn't picture exactly what she was talking about until I went into Archiver's and saw one on display. I love paper crafting so I knew I'd have a ton of fun putting this together. Not to mention, it would keep me from missing so many birthdays. :)

In the front cover, there's a pouch to keep stamps and envelopes on hand at all times. In the past, far too many cards have become "belated" birthday cards because I just couldn't ever get to the post office for postage--belated no more! :)

I also listed all of the holidays this year for quick reference.

My game plan to keep me on top of birthdays...Two Sundays a month I will sit down and write my cards for the birthday's that month and then I can tuck them into the sleeve on the right until it's time to stick them in the mail.

So for anyone who seems to miss birthdays like I do, or for those who can't sleep at night and are looking for something to fill those late night hours, this may be the perfect project for you as well. :)


Clair said...

I really love this idea. Not just the functionality of it, but the style, too :)

Melony & Todd Dame said...

Wow that is such a great idea. If I ever get a minute to breathe I think I want to try to do this.

sarah elizabeth said...

oh yea!
i thought you might like that one.
i've really been wanting to do one of my own. love that you saw it and did it. looks fabulous!