Monday, May 17, 2010

Tackling a shirt/dress pattern

My mom was in town from Arizona and she just happens to be the sewing queen. I knew this would be the golden opportunity to tackle a pattern that I knew I'd need help with. We started with the dress below. We worked on it together and when I felt confident enough, I made the shirt all by myself! I'm pretty sure I can do facings now, which I had no clue about before. the pictures are a bit funny, but what do you expect when you have a 4 yr old who NEVER stops moving? Looking forward to many more sewing adventures. With every project, I get more confident.

This pattern was by McCalls. 


Brittney said...

I saw an adorable little dress like that in a catalog I received last week for $48. It's crazy how much you can save when you make it yourself. They both turned out great!

Alison said...

Very cute! I am no good at patterns, so I am impressed by these.